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I am so happy to share my work and offerings with you. I am a teacher, reiki practitioner, mother and expat living on the sunny island of Bahrain. Many years ago I started on a personal journey of self-discovery. I wanted to know my purpose and where I fit in this world. That journey brought me to Reiki, and I found it was a way for me to connect my mind, body and spirit. It integrated beautifully into my world and into my creative, daily practice.  When I started creating, I searched for something that allowed me to show how I feel, and show what my heart contained without the pressure of being an Artist.  Learning the Intentional Creativity® Method by Shiloh Sophia and the Color of Woman School, has done just this for me, because it didn't limit itself to art. That special feeling of being seen, appreciated and nurtured showed up in all areas of my life. It has given me perspective, insight and a new-found curiosity for life. As an Intentional Creativity® Teacher and Reiki Practitioner, I look forward to walking this path with you, and taking your hand while you find that special something that makes you want to get up and dance, sing and love what you are all about. 

My Artist Statement

Come and see what inspires me to create art, and why I find it to be such an important part of who I am. 

Full of Feminine Energy

"Rien, thanks a lot for the beautiful morning. The workshop was full of feminine energy and it helped me release some of my negativity in a non violent way." 


Certifications, Awards and Experience

MA Education

Over 15 years Teaching Experience

Jikiden Reiki Certification  

Certified Teacher of the Intentional Creativity Method

Taught Art Workshops for Children, Teens and Adults 

Experience with Children with Emotional, Behavioral and Academic Special Needs 

Global Leadership Award

Published Author 

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