Intentional Creativity® Experiences


What is Intentional Creativity?

Creating with intention is simply working with mindfulness in whatever we set our hands to. Whether it is creating a soup, a garden, a business plan, or a painting. We are more present because we choose to be and the results are different than if we are not paying attention. Intentional Creativity is an approach to creating that yields greater access to who we are now and who we are becoming, and what is possible for us and our unfolding future. 

- Shiloh Sophia McCloud 

Private and Group Classes

I offer group and private experiences where students paint using a 13-step process which encourages  mindful practice, visioning and journaling, while creating a piece of art that helps individually heal, motivate and guide. 


Private sessions are available to those who would like more support and one-on-one guidance to focus on their own journey. Every session I offer can be taught privately. Please contact me for more details and to schedule your session. 

Online Classes

For those with limited time or access to in person workshops, you can enjoy an Online Experiences in the comfort of your own home. I offer online courses for those interested in a more self-paced setting. Please see the Online Course section for more information. 

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So Inspiring

"Dear Rien, Thank you so much for this beautiful morning. It was so inspiring to make our own affirmation cards....I feel so delighted and happy to be able to see my cards every morning from now on. Thank you for doing this wonderful and lovely workshop with us." 


A Great Grounding and Cleansing Time Shared

"I have attended Rien's Intentional Creativity Experience with my daughter and we both came away from it richer in experience and calmer. I also  enjoyed the impromptu drumming sessions, a great grounding and cleansing time shared in the presence of her high vibrations, positive vibes and infectious laugher."

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Preview of Experiences

Check out a preview of Soulful Stories Cards