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Making Connections That Align With Your Path And Purpose


Many of us long for this type of connection and for a Tribe of people who understand us - who make us feel heard, seen and valued.

Sometimes we realize that the relationships that we once invested in are no longer able to provide us with what we need, even if those relationships were meaningful, brought us joy or taught us something about ourselves.

There often arrives a pivotal moment when we begin to feel that old patterns and relationships that once provided for us so well, are no longer in alignment with our new joys or our new path.

Have you found yourself in that place? Are you finding that the friendships or relationships that you once found supported you are not currently aligning with your spiritual, emotional or physical needs? 

Online Classes


Offerings for Online Learning

Working full-time or being a busy parent shouldn't prevent you from taking the courses that interest you, or that you feel will benefit your personal growth. 

Online classes and workshops are perfect for those who's schedules prevent them from making it to face-to-face classes. They are also great for those outside of Bahrain who would like to share and participate in learning. 

These classes also make great gifts for friends and family.